Huneo’s HuNet Health Data Infrastructure forms a comprehensive system to monitor human health, and to provide access to real-time and historical data collected from patients so that comparisons can be made between different time periods to establish long term health trends.   We believe that through better access to both real-time and historical data, individuals and their physicians can develop better preventive care strategies, ultimately resulting in healthier people and lower total cost of healthcare.

Huneo’s HuNet infrastructure efficiently captures, stores, and disseminates human derived time series information, regardless of its source.  Information in the HuNet system is instantly available to authorized users, anywhere in the world.  Patient data is kept on-line for many years and is available for use by individuals and their healthcare providers. 

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Introducing:  SnoreTrack(TM) and SnoreCoach(TM)

As many as half of the adult men and one-fourth of the adult women in the US are habitual snorers. In addition to being annoying to sleep partners, snoring can be a sign of more serious health conditions. A significant percentage of these habitual snorers suffer from some Obstructive Sleep Apnea at some level of severity.  

Over the past few years, Huneo has processed data from tens of thousands of overnight sleep diagnostic tests.  In processing the data from these tests, we noticed very specific sound patterns in snoring that preceded each Obstructive Sleep Apnea event that were experienced by patients undergoing these tests.

Huneo’s SnoreTrack(TM) runs on an iPhone or iPad and listens to users while they sleep.  SnoreTrack uses proprietary (patent pending) and sophisticated algorithms which identify specific sound patterns in snoring and snoring events.  SnoreTrack counts the number of these events each night and presents a report to the user which identifies the percentage of time that the user snored, their snore their

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their snore volume, and whether or not their snore patterns are consistent with with snore patterns of people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. SnoreTrack is not a diagnostic device nor a treatment device for Sleep Apnea; it communicates with SnoreCoach to notify the individual who is sleeping on his or her back so that he or she can turn to a side-sleeping position. Some people who snore while sleeping on their backs may find they snore less or not at all when sleeping on their sides.